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In 2017 is heIt all started in 2017. Our oldest son was just born when we bought our first Bakfiets NL. It was a first generation of Bakfiets NL with a glorious patina and mechanically sound. Since then many kms were done between house, school, supermarket and the beach.

Being a user and a Bakfiets enthusiast I know what is important for you and your family: a cargo bike in very good condition, all working fine, good lights, good breaks, straight wheels, nice bell, good handgrips and if that’s the case an extra help from an electric pedal assist just to make those hills or those windy days as fun as all the others.

And of course you don’t want to go around looking for all the accessories you need to travel with your kids safely and protected from the elements: the rain tent, the flat cover (dekzeil) very handy to protect the box or when you go shopping, the maxicosi adaptor, the baby chair, the extra bench for large families (can take up to 5 in our bakfiets!), the extra security ring or the box under the bench.

BOAH bikes it’s not a bike shop. It’s a changing agent that will bring the Dutch cool way of life to your world.

Do you know the meaning of bakfiets?
Bak – box and fiets – bike = box bike 🙂


Being a man of the ocean there’s an urge in me to protect the environment and advocate the need of a more sustainable life.
In 2013 I was incredibly lucky to be part of the first expedition to The Arctic on a paddleboard. We’re a team of 10 and we did 100kms in 5 days through the Heimerich Fjord to raise awareness for the global warming. It was a life change moment and an unforgettable experience.

BOAH Bikes it’s a very personal project. It’s a way I found to keep it contributing to make our world, your world a better one. With BOAH Bikes second life cargo bikes you can improve your lifestyle, taking the cars out of the street and bringing people and families closer together.

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